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Hands On

Fairstand design for the “Salon Manschettenknopf” at the “MQ Weihnachtsquartier/Vienna

Photo: Florian Buchegger
Design: Florian Buchegger & Lukas Bast, 2011

T – Cufflinks

T’s are handmade of black root wood or beech wood.
I tested also some with engaved pattern by laser.

Available at:  Salon Manschettenknopf & vespoe.com
Client: Salon Manschettenknopf
Photos: Florian Buchegger
Design: 2011


Fold Links – Cufflinks

These ‘Fold Links’ are made from laser-cut aluminum, which are bent, matte-finished and anodized.
In two designs and six colors.

Available at: MAK Design Shop & vespoe.com
Client: Salon Manschettenknopf
Florian Buchegger
Design: 2011



Photo shooting of cufflinks “Fold Links” & “T” for the Magazine “Provocateur“.

Magazine: Provocateur
Photo: Florian Buchegger 
Design: Lukas Bast, 2011