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Mobile Tour Furniture

The exciting journey of LIEBLINGSBRAND!

You want to see how an online store sell offline?
LIEBLINGSBRAND is going on tour with this furniture.

It´s an online store for local designers and for special events they travel through Austria.

All parts fit on a euro-pallet.
With 11 frames they can sell products on 16m length.


Design: Lukas Bast, 2016

Pop-Up FabLab Workspace

The PopUp Fab Lab is a temporary workspace for the Happylab.

This mobile workspace can easily be transported as a closed box. Everything you need is packed in the box.
Depending on the event the wooden frames can be arranged individually and filled with graphics or an TV.
The whole Fab Lab is bulid up with wooden clamps including the “landmark” for a better visibility at events.

Finally, one Lab box will provide up to five working desks.
Happy making, dear Makers!


Material: Solid Wood & MDF
Client: Happylab Vienna
Design: Lukas Bast, 2015


Velvet Twist

3D printed bangles with velvet surface in four colors.
The special finishing changes the way how 3d printed jewelry feels.

Ø 66mm (inner diameter) / 25mm height / 80€
Yellow, Petrol, Bordeaux, Black

Design: Lukas Bast, 2014


Pepper Mill

Old Danish pepper mills inspired me to create new mills.
I was impressed by their size and proportions and the huge range of different designs and styles.

Three wood turned silhouettes are the result.
A unique and original hand-made gifts & homeware out of solid nut wood.
With the quality grinder, made in Swizerland, the granulation can be easily adjusted for fine or coarse grinds.

Ø 9cm x 13cm height / Ø 3.5 x 5.1 inches / 90€ (excl. shipping costs)
If you are interested in this pepper mill, please don’t hesitate to contact me  by e-mail.

Material: Solid Nut Wood
Design: Lukas Bast, 2014


Jump Rope

Wood turned handles with a heavy 6mm climbing cord.

Natural oiled ash and maple handles with a 8mm bore provides free rotation of the cord.
You can easy adjust the length of the cord with a screw at the rope ends.

€45,- (excl. shipping costs)

Available at the “NEUBAU Pop-Up-Store” Vienna.
ash – neon yellow
ash – violet
maple – wine red
maple – navy blue

Design: Lukas Bast, 2013



The floorlamp for living room corners.

Design: 2013


Wachauer Rahmen

Ein Projekt in Zusammenarbeit mit Michaela Obermair und Monika Obermeier/anika handelt consulting

Client: Marktgemeinde Spitz an der Donau
Photo: Ida Kielmansegg
Design: 2012



Powder-coated cubic frame.
Laser-engraved sheets are fixed with foldback clips.

Ursprünglich als Kinderlampe mit Tiermustern entworfen entstanden weitere Muster die man meistens am Boden Wiener Stiegenhäuser wieder findet.

Die Muster werden per Laser auf Baumwollpapier graviert und mit Foldback-Klammern fixiert.
Natürlich können auch selbstgemachte Zeichnung der kleinen Nachwuchskünstler eingehängt werden.

Design: 2012


T – Cufflinks

T’s are handmade of black root wood or beech wood.
I tested also some with engaved pattern by laser.

Available at:  Salon Manschettenknopf &
Client: Salon Manschettenknopf
Photos: Florian Buchegger
Design: 2011


Fold Links – Cufflinks

These ‘Fold Links’ are made from laser-cut aluminum, which are bent, matte-finished and anodized.
In two designs and six colors.

Available at: MAK Design Shop &
Client: Salon Manschettenknopf
Florian Buchegger
Design: 2011


MacBook Sticker

Sticker for MacBook Pro.

Design: 2010


Free Card Dispenser

Client: Facultas Verlags- und Buchhandels AG
Design: 2007


Hamsters House

A hamsterhouse for our treasures.
This house is a stackable accommodation for the beloved hamsters made from 6 mm birch-layerd plywood.
Especially created for dwarf hamsters, this cage can be built with few screws and connectors.

Design: 2010





Study of an mobile locker for an easier patient relocation to another hospital ward.

Client: Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund KAV
Realisation: Microgiants
Design: Franz Piffl & Lukas Bast, 2011