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Maker Days – Vienna Open Festival 2014

Design of posters and displays with 3D printed connections in the course of the “Vienna Open Festival 2014”
for the “Maker Day” workshops and “Social & Cultural Entrepreneurship” lectures.


The Vienna Open Festival 2014 takes place for the third time in succession.
During the festival a variety of vivid scenes revolving around topics such as “Upcycling”, “Maker Movement”, “Open Cooperation”, “Shared Economies”, „Fab Labs“, … have been worked out within the programme development together with Maker Austria, MA48, Happylab, Paradocks and others.

Shared Economies, Open Source and Upcycling are new ways of critical exchange and consumption and constitute a new materialism which is a further issue of the festival. Open Design and Fab Labs generate a new kind of cooperation and collaboration.


Realisation: Microgiants, Gerin Trautenberger, Georg Russegger & Joanna Kowolik
Design: Lukas Bast, 2014